Business as Usual - or Almost

Medical writing, remote monitoring, protocol updates, manuscripts.

We are incredibly fortunate as an organisation to be set up in a remote way, so apart from the huge stress that the coronavirus outbreaking is causing to the planet, we can continue to function and support our clients.

Although our main business activity is in Switzerland, we do have a large experience of working with consultants internationally which could mean that you can ensure business continuity by having some work performed internationally in countries less affected by the outbreak.

Perhaps you need to transition from on-site monitoring to remote monitoring, perhaps you need to update protocols or guidelines to take into account additional safety measures due to the coronavirus outbreak. We can provide you with the right consultant to help.

What about using this time to publish that scientific data. We have a large experience of writing scientific articles for both clinical and non-clinical studies. We adapt our approach to each individual client. meaning that we can either develop just a draft, or go to full scale writing including journal submission.

We look forward to speaking to you by Skype or Zoom if we can help you in anyway through these troubled times.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at