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Contract - Funding Specialist - Geneva

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

For our client based in Geneva, we are looking for a professional fund-raiser capable of raising funds and investments for our client.

The candidate must have a proven track record of successfully raising funding for small companies and have a good network of VC/institutional/private investors. A perfect applicant would have experience in raising capital for Biotech, Diagnostics and/or MedTech industries in Europe and US.

The company discovers and develops diagnostic tools transforming care for patients with brain injuries. The company's devices help the healthcare professionals in the triage, diagnosis, and treatment decision process at the point of care for patients presenting with potential brain injury from stroke and trauma to post-injury complications and patient outcomes. The company is pioneering the ability to decode the chemical messages of the brain (brain biomarkers) so that brain injury can be detected in a drop of blood from a finger prick, allowing the diagnosis at the admission of the emergency department before hospitalization or even directly on the field where the injury occurred.


  • Analysing the current financial status of the company and brainstorming funding opportunities

  • Identifying potential investors

  • Pitching to investors on the opportunity of investing in the company

  • Facilitating communications between interested investors and the company, such as aiding due diligence requests

  • Negotiating and executing agreements with investors

  • Executing the company’s financial strategy

  • Managing accounting procedures


  • Experience with VC pitching

  • Experience working with Biotech/Diagnostics/MedTech industries and small companies

  • Outstanding presentation skills

  • Proven track record of raising capital in Europe and US

  • Good at making relations, engaging with investors, and reaching out independently

  • Self-motivated, goal-oriented and disciplined to learn on your own

  • Financing knowledge

  • Creativity and open-mindedness when looking for sources of capital

  • Success-driven and focused on achievements

***This position has now been filled, please contact to be informed of future similar positions***

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