Post Lock-down Wishes

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

This is a little bit of a personal post about how I would like to see the positive changes in the corporate world in the post-lockdown phase.

Work From Home

In many countries during this period, people who can work from home should work from home. Substantial environmental changes have been seen during this period, and hopefully this period is long enough for corporations to realise the many advantages to this which include:

  • Environmental impact. If somebody does not have to be centrally based, then it is obvious that the pollution should be avoided.

  • Less people on roads which could mean that employees that have to be in a work location can get there more efficiently.

  • Higher efficiency, less time traveling, less office politics, less need for expensive office space.

  • With a work from home culture, this allows access to best talent, regardless of the distance from the office, otherwise corporations only have access to workers within commutable distances.

  • Better work-life balance, higher level of empowerment for employees.

Less Business Travel

Now that we have experienced that the vast majority of business can be conducted by web-conferencing or by telephone, it would be great if business travel can be limited to only that which is essential. This too will have a huge environmental and cost impact.

More Flexible Working Arrangements

This crisis has shown how vulnerable individuals and Corporations are. If key workers are no longer able to work it has had a major impact. In many countries there are is a large untapped, qualified workforce that is neglected as they cannot or choose not to commit to a full time corporate position.

This includes

  • Parents whose children attend school, who have approximately 25 hours a week available

  • Early retirees

  • Students who have some time available for which any work experience can be very valuable.

Diversifying the source and type of workers, can allow organisations to better deal with crises and maximises the number of available qualified people to deal with up-turns in the economy.

Greater Adaptability

Often employers can be quite strict on the entry criteria for specific roles requiring a long history of specific experience. In some cases this is essential but in other cases it is can be more important to have transferable skill sets, and a high degree of motivation. With a rapidly changing world, and a fragile economy, it is important to offer opportunities to people to change careers. While somebody may not have all the relevant specific experience for the role, what they have learnt from other areas may prove to be even more important.

Support Local Businesses

Perhaps now is a good time to look at businesses working locally and see how we can support them and use them to further our business needs. Many may have suffered during the crisis and it may be time to rethink our strategy.

That's all for now, From all of us at Consultants in Science, we hope you stay safe and well during this challenging period. If you have any requests for fixed, temporary employees, or consultants during this time, we are open for business and are happy to help you.

Claire Martin