So What Next in your Career???

The wonderful thing about living life in lockdown gives us precious time to slow down, to re-evaluate our career choices, to consider where we are and where we want to go. I can imagine that there are many of you out there going through such life-changing moments.

Perhaps you want to work from home, reduce your working time, set-up as a consultant, work in a more "ethical' field. If you are working as a consultant or independent you may be looking for more security as the current situation may have made you aware of your vulnerabilities.

I would like to share with you our Freelance Employee model. Sometimes this is more frequently referred to as simply 'Payrolling' or 'Portage Salariale'.

This is basically a hybrid of traditional 'Consulting / Independent /Freelance' status combined with some security. It can be advantageous both for employees who want to move gently to the freelance world or consultants who want to switch to a more secure set-up. In general the Freelance Employee finds their own mandates (although in several cases we have provided the work).

At Consultants in Science, our Freelance Employee model has the following advantages.

  • We take care of contracts with clients

  • You have flexibility on your working location

  • You do not have to set-up a company

  • You do not need a minimum number of clients

  • You have pension, illness, unemployment benefit and accident coverage

  • If you are ill or have too much work we can help you to find someone to take over your work

  • You are not alone, you are part of a growing community

  • You do not have to worry about administration (VAT, company records etc)

  • You can move back to traditional employment at any time.

This could be a first step to setting up a company, or a final step to close down your consulting activities before retirement.

Anyhow wherever you are and wherever you're going on your career journey, we wish you luck. For more information about our Freelance Employee model, please contact me on Thanks for sharing.