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We can help you reduce the time to find the right person for your team, using our contacts and experience to source potential employees. 

Our Values


We only work on mandates that have been officially assigned to us, and we only provide CVs to our clients if the candidate has consented in advance.  We never perform cold calling or phone potential candidates at their workplace without prior agreement.

Our Process

Our work is not about overwhelming you with multiple CVs. Our aim is to get a good understanding of your company, how it functions and what kind of person that you are looking for.

We will search through our existing candidate database and use our in-house methods to identify new candidates including passive candidates who are not actively looking to change jobs. 


Before presenting any potential candidates to you, we pre-screen against the role requirements and interview for suitability. 


Once we have identified suitable candidates we will provide you with a profile summary, which will include the CV and a summary of each candidates strengths and weakness.  As additional candidates become available we will provide additional CVs that meet the requirements. 

After a candidate has been preselected by you, we will perform all the necessary reference checks.

Our Benefits 
  • Scientific specialists


  • Industry knowledge

  • Well connected

  • Competitive pricing


  • ​​​Quick start up​​

  • Swiss based

  • Flexibile

Permanent Positions
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