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Temporary Contracts and Payroll Services

For the past  7 years, our team have supported clients in the life science sector by providing people for temporary employment across Switzerland.  


Temporary workers are useful for covering maternity leave, sick leave, peaks in workload, specific projects and to try out before permanent employment.  


If you need someone to start as soon as possible, we have the processes in place to find available candidates quickly, who can get the job done.  

The selected candidate is employed through us, and we take care of managing payroll, social security taxes and expenses. Our full payroll service ensures temporary workers are paid on time. 

Some of our temporary employees have worked for us a number of years on several client assignments. We give them great flexibility in organising their workload to balance with their lifestyle choice and the needs of our clients.


We provide an excellent pension fund and our competitive pricing ensures we provide a fair rate for both the temporary employee and client.

Tell us what you need

Start work

Establish budget

Define contract

Speak to candidates

Specific projects
Maternity & sick leave
Workload Peaks
Ad-hoc support
Headcount freeze
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